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22 Oct
Lawn Games for Hire

Here at Happy Camper Pizza, we pride ourselves on providing a unique party experience. What better way to have your guests mingle and have some fun than to re-visit their childhood with some old fashioned games? Our games work particularly well for Weddings. Help get your guests into party mode before the Reception while the

22 May
The Perfect Wedding

We love weddings! More and more we’re finding our weekends filled helping special couples to celebrate one of the most important days in their lives. And so we thought we’d share the first wedding we catered, back in January 2015, which was one of the most incredibly beautiful weddings ever. REPOSTED FROM HOORAY MAG: 27

20 Sep
Splendour in the Grass

We were lucky to be handpicked to cater at this year’s Splendour In The Grass music festival. It was a financial gamble for a little pizza van like ours, but we felt safe in the hands of Rafael Rashid at his revolutionary Truck Stop – which featured eight top quality food trucks instead of the

28 Jun
Home Delivery!

Winter has well and truly kicked-in here in Melbourne. Many of the food trucks are on sabbatical, but we thought we’d try something a little bit different – Home Delivery. On the iciest nights when you’re craving one of our pizzas but just want to hang out in your ugg boots, we’ll come to you!

20 Jun
Pizza in the Pine Forest

It’s not every day you get to host a pizza party in a pine forest. Let alone for someone as special as photographer Kate Berry from hellokateberry. It was a whole family event, which included a camp fire, wild mushroom foraging for the pizza toppings and a bucket load of marshamallows. And the wild pine

19 May
Clunes Booktown Festival

When a friend suggested we team up our Airstreams for a weekend at Clunes Booktown Festival, Remi and I were intrigued… A whole town dedicated to the simple pleasure of curling up with a great book? Would anyone lift their nose out of their book long enough to eat pizza? It was worth finding out. Every

24 Apr
Happy Camper Birthday

We just celebrated Remi’s 40th Birthday with the most amazing cake ever! One of our Instagram friends, Mandie (@missgroovygirl) made this replica of our Happy Camper Pizza van. And it made everyone’s day! The kids admired it and poked and prodded for hours before I could bring myself to put the candles in and carve it up.

11 Apr
New Pizza Menu

We’ve been tweaking our Menu and have some yummy new pizzas available for Weddings, Parties and Events! This includes Dessert Pizzas such as “Camp More, Work Less” with fresh berries, maple syrup, balsamic syrup and fresh cream. Our range of new Gourmet Pizzas, includes “The Glamper” with smoked salmon, avruga caviar, mascarpone and fresh watercress.