07 Apr
The Hills Are Alive with Pizza

Nestled among the rolling  hills of South Gippsland, Melbourne, is a little farm which every year comes alive with the sound of music. The Hills Are Alive is a two-day camping and music festival with a friends-of-friends attendance policy that makes it the most special music festival we’ve ever been to. We were lucky to

22 Mar
Passata Day

We’ve just celebrated the most incredible Passata Day ever! For our friends Kate Berry and Rohan Anderson,  the traditional Italian tomato celebration is one of the most sacred days in their annual calendar. It is a special day where they crush, bottle and preserve their entire year’s supply of tomatoes and bring together their family and friends

11 Mar
Molluscs and Pizza

Our first corporate gig, the Port Phillip Mussel Festival for the Bank of Melbourne. It was a seafood street party packed with non-stop music and buckets of local mussels. And yummy seafood pizza! Our pizza menu included a Seafood Special - a mix of prawns, mussels and calamari with napoli and garlic. We also had Prawn & Spicy

19 Jan
NYE on the Hill

Happy belated New Year everybody! Our 2014 started on a high at NYE on the Hill, a 3-day camping and music festival set on a farm in Victoria. Happy Camper Pizza was invited along to feed the friendly, music-loving crowd. Our happy camper, Allegra, scored the most amazing spot on top of a hill next

23 Nov
Happy Camper Launches

Happy Camper Pizza has officially hit the streets of Melbourne, Australia! Our first night and the dough roller broke down, the oven malfunctioned and Remi was not a happy camper. But in the end he and his incredible assistants managed to churn out a few yummy pizzas. Thanks to everyone who joined in Allegra’s (our