Nestled among the rolling  hills of South Gippsland, Melbourne, is a little farm which every year comes alive with the sound of music.

The Hills Are Alive is a two-day camping and music festival with a friends-of-friends attendance policy that makes it the most special music festival we’ve ever been to.

We were lucky to be invited along to help cater for the laid-back crowd.

photo 2

These guys were our favourite customers and we were really excited to receive this Facebook feedback from Al (in the head dress):

“This pizza saved my life and whispered me a poem.”

Seriously the best feedback ever.

Al, if you read this, please come see us for a free pizza.

photo 1photo 3 photo 4

The vibe is amazing and so incredibly friendly, that our kids had as much fun being there as we did!

photo 5

Pizza, fresh air, camping and an incredible sunset.

No wonder our kids didn’t want to leave. No one did.


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