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You may recognise these two from issue 17 of HELLO MAY where their gorgeous day was first featured!

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23 NOVEMBER 2017


“Having been together on and off since the tender young age of 12, Lana and Clem found that their unbreakable bond always drew the two back together – regardless of what life decided to throw at them. That undeniable connection (and a whopping 18 years together) made it a given that this couple would favour a short engagement, getting married just one year after they got engaged.

“We felt like we’d made everyone in our lives wait long enough for us to finally get married so we couldn’t draw out the process,” says Lana, who described the theme of their celebration as ‘keep it local’. 

There to capture the day was none other than Lilli Waters of I Got You Babe Weddings, whose dreamy photography couldn’t have been more suited to the couple’s vision.

 Lana and Clem continuously steered clear of the same old, same old.

“We didn’t want a traditional ceremony with readings or speeches so our awesome band came up with the idea that we do a sing-a-long. 

Fidel & Sarah came into the barn during the ceremony and started everyone off singing ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

All of our guests sang at the top of their lungs and we cried with laughter at the end,” explains the bride, adding that commemorating her father on her big day was extremely important to her.

“I would’ve given anything to have had my dad walk me down the aisle. As soon as I started planning our wedding, I knew that I would have a photo of Dad within the barn, so I could see him as I walk down the aisle.

Photos of loved ones who were there in spirit lined the walls of the barn. I chose photos from each of their wedding days so it didn’t seem like a memorial and more like a celebration of love. This was my favourite and most personal detail.”

“I am passionate about supporting small business and we tried to reflect that in the way our wedding transpired. It made for an intimate and personal experience. I deliberately chose vendors  [like awesome celebrant Marry Me Dee] that had worked together previously to create a genuinely awesome relaxed party vibe.”

And a relaxed party vibe it was, Lana and Clem’s day was anything but ordinary. “We cried, laughed, sang and drank cocktails. Our guests surprised us with a flash mob and sang our favourite songs to us, we roasted our bridal party and in-laws to be. We honoured the traditional owners of the land and let our opinion be known that marriage should be open to anyone in love,” says Lana, admitting she’s ‘always dressed a bit left of field’.

Photography by Lilli Waters,  I Got You Babe Weddings

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